What are the differences between Drip and Pour over coffee brewers?

I know, you must be thinking what could be the difference between drip and pour over coffee brewer? In both the methods we pour water over the grounds. Both the methods let gravity pull the brewed coffee down and also they both can make a clean cup of coffee.

But despite these similarities, both the methods can produce really different results. Let’s have a look at some main differences between the drip and pour over coffee brewers.

  • Coffee Quality

So let us begin with the most important factor i.e. the quality of the coffee. Just in case, you don’t believe me, do one thing. Make a cup of drip coffee and a cup of pour-over coffee and you’ll yourself see the difference in the quality.

Well, if you are using a basic pour over techniques, fresh coffee, and proper grind size, the pour-over coffee will likely win. But to be honest, if you can invest $200+ in your drip coffee brewers, they can make the best cup of coffee juxtaposed to a pour over coffee. Most of the pour over cones are available at just $20-30 range, which is quite an affordable path to stellar coffee.

  • Temperature Stability

Most of the low quality drip brewers don’t reach the optimum water temperature range for coffee. Well, there is no such question as what is the best temperature range for coffee brewing. Some drip coffee pots can reach that range but most are not able to do so that may affect your final cup of coffee negatively.

On the other hand, pour over coffee brewers have no control over the water temperature. This thing totally depends on you, you just need to put the kettle on the stove till it boils, so you don’t have to worry about the water temperature with pour over brewing.

Controlling the water temperature by boiling your own water is an easy and effective way to have good coffee, and which is quite difficult with drip coffee brewers.

Temperature Stability

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  • Pouring Style and Consistency

Unfortunately, brewing coffee with drip pots makes an imbalanced and unsatisfying coffee because the shower heads don’t disperse the water over the coffee grounds evenly.

While the pour over brewers you don’t have to face such problems, as they give you the full control over the pouring of the water. You don’t have to depend on the spout in the machine, thus, you can pour water the way you want and can also make changes if you need.

Again, when the brewing process is completely in your hands that means better and more balanced coffee.

  • The Ability to “dial-in”

With a drip coffee brewer, most of the part is done after the pre-programmed settings are done. But they won’t tell you how to make better coffee but only give you a sense of control.

On the other hand, you can make your own adjustments with the pour-over coffee brewer. If you want your coffee to brew slowly, simply pour water a bit slower. If you want to extract fewer flavours than the last time you brewed, all you need to do is, use less water.

Auto drip brewers may not allow you to do brew the coffee the way you want or may stop you from really being able to “dial-in” your brew. But the pour-over coffee brewers let you have the full control over the brewing process.

Drip Coffee Makers

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