Keep your kitchen spick and span with these easy cleaning tips

Cleaning your kitchen could be a cumbersome task when you have too many kitchen appliances to be cleaned. But with these few simple tips, you won’t find cleaning your kitchen so hard anymore.

For the Cast-Iron Pan

Most people know that you should never scrub your cast-iron pan with a dish soap as it tends to remove its oil coated surface which can turn the pan sticky. So how do you clean it? Use salt on your pan and then scrub it with a dish cloth and then rinse it with water.

This will ensure that all the food that is stuck is easily removed while not affecting the pan coating. You can also add cooking oil on your pan to ensure its oil coating remains intact.

Get the Blender cleaned

Anyone who has used a blender knows how difficult it is to get out the vegetables and fruits stuck in it and no matter how hard you try to wash it by hand, you are still not able to completely clean it. Well, there is a simple way to clean your blender.

Just pour in the dish soap and water inside your blender and start it again. Then drain the dirty water and rinse it with water again, your blender will be completely clean and good for use again. Here’s how our friends at Clean My Space suggest you do it.

Removing coffee stains from cups

Coffee stains on china cups can be a pain to remove and require a lot of hard work and patience but with this simple trick, you would be able to remove the stain in just a few minutes.

Just take a solution of vinegar and salt and use it to scrub your china cup clean. It is quick and efficient and you won’t need to spend more than a few minutes to get the stain off.

grind the dirt out of your coffee grinder

If you own a coffee grinder and frequently use it for grinding coffee beans and other food items, then you would know how difficult it is to clean your grinder after every batch.

Although you should avoid using your grinder for spices and herbs, still a lot of people use it for grinding which tends to leave a strong smell behind.

To clean your grinder of all the remains and smells, just run a handful of uncooked rice through your grinder and it will get rid of all the leftovers and smell quite efficiently.

Cleaning your Microwave quickly

One of the most efficient and quick way to clean your microwave is by keeping a wet paper towel inside the oven and running it on a high temperature.

The steam which will be released from the wet paper towel will ensure that all the grime and dirt loosens down which you can then remove easily with the help of another wet towel. Check out the video guide below for more. 

Lastly the Coffee Pot

Coffee stains are the worst and hardest to remove and so cleaning a coffee pot is no easy task. When you leave coffee for longer periods of time in the pot, the pot is more likely to gain a brownish residue and would require a special cleaning solution to resemble its older look.

You will need ice, lemon and salt to clean your coffee pot quickly and efficiently. Fill your coffee jug with a quarter of ice, then cut your lemon into quarters and squeeze in two quarters and then add 2 tbsps. of salt. Now swirl the mixture inside the jug, you will notice that your jug gets cleaned up in no time at all.


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